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Learn How Telepharmacy Has Benefitted Pharmacy Services ::

When the pandemic swept across the country, many hospitals and other healthcare groups turned to telepharmacy to provide medications to patients and minimize disruptions to treatment. Telepharmacy helped to improve access to heatlhcare for patients while at the same time reducing costs. The hospitals could focus more on patient care rather than operational issues. And… Read more »

It’s Important for Pharmacists to be Integrated into Stroke Care Teams ::

After someone suffers a stroke, time is of the essence. There is a very small window of opportunity to administer the anticoagulation drugs needed to prevent any disorders. These drugs are complex and require expertise to prepare. That’s why pharmacists are vital in the treatment of stroke during this narrow time frame.  They are uniquely qualified to evaluate the… Read more »

Learn Tips for How to Reduce Pharmaceutical Waste in Stores ::

One important area that pharmacists need to monitor closely is the disposal of pharmaceutical waste. It is in everyone’s best interest to minimize this type of waste because it has significant negative environmental and economic impacts. The waste can occur at different points – when the physician prescribes the drug, when the pharmacist dispenses it,… Read more »

These Are the Most Asked Questions Regarding Drug Diversion Management ::

Drug diversion, or in layman’s terms, theft, is an ongoing problem for hospital pharmacies, one that is growing. It has been called a hidden epidemic. Almost half of hospital pharmacies report being the victim of drug theft during the past year. Hospitals are attempting to take a more aggressive approach to the problem. Here are… Read more »

Industry Trends Will Have an Effect on Pharmacy’s Future ::

Trends in pharmacy show a profession evolving and growing as pharmacists move to more clinically oriented roles. Evolving Role of the Profession The profession will continue to grow in 2021, responding to the needs of patients, pharmaceutical markets, advancements in therapy, government regulations, and other changes.  The trend toward a more clinically oriented mission will… Read more »

Important Tips on How to Use Social Media for Your Pharmacy ::

These days, it is important for every business to have a presence on social media, pharmacies included. It is a way of establishing your brand and raising your profile. Here are a few tips on using social media effectively. Develop a plan When using social media, have some idea of what you want to accomplish,… Read more »

Learn How Pharmacists Can Help With Migraine Treatment ::

People suffering from migraines use OTC and prescription medication to treat their condition. Because patients rely on one or both types of medication, the pharmacist can help explain the correct use of these therapies. Migraine Medications In a recent survey, almost half of those responding said they used only OTC medication, while about one-third used… Read more »

Independent Pharmacies are Now the Healthcare Hubs for their Communities ::

Independent pharmacies are becoming important centers for the delivery of healthcare in many underserved communities. As a result, they are helping to provide greater healthcare access to minority areas. But there is still a long way to go. Helping Underserved Communities One pharmacy in California, for example, serves a large Mexican-American community. It is the… Read more »

Covid-19 Has Had an Impact on Pharmacy Management ::

The pandemic has caused a great deal of turmoil to many different industries as they worked to cope with a completely new threat. It exposed some of the shortcomings in the healthcare industry as well. One of those areas is the pharmacy supply chain. The pandemic made shortages even worse, inventory management more difficult, and… Read more »

This is How Clinical Skills Can Help Pharmacists Increase Value to Patients ::

When most people think of pharmacists, they see them as dispensing medications. But today, as medical care has advanced and becomes more complex, pharmacists are called upon to do a good deal more than fill prescriptions. Because they often are the healthcare providers that patients see most and are most accessible to patients, they are… Read more »