Learn more about working with Cameron and Company, Inc.® as a temporary pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

Where are your offices located?

We currently have local representatives across the U.S. with a strong presence in the Northwest, West, Southwest, and South, and our corporate office in Las Vegas, NV.

Do I pay a placement fee for your services?

No, Cameron and Company, Inc.® never charges a fee to its applicants. All of our fees are paid by our clients. As a job applicant, you should never be asked to pay a fee to work with a temporary placement agency.

What are the advantages of working as an employee of Cameron and Company, Inc.®?

There are many advantages to working with Cameron and Company, Inc.® As a leader in the industry since 1970, we can offer you short- and long-term temporary, as well as per diem employment in some of the healthcare and retail industries’ most rewarding positions. Temporary work also allows for a great deal of flexibility, freedom, rewarding compensation, and variety of work.

How long are your assignments?

Our assignments with a client company can last anywhere from one day to several months. Some clients are in need of emergency help to cover shifts left vacant by unplanned absences, while others are in need of more long-term help to cover occasions such as maternity or sick leave.

Who are your clients?

Virtually every major drug chain uses Cameron and Company, Inc.®, as well as hospitals, universities, clinics, mail-order houses, prisons, Indian reservations, and warehouses. In fact, almost anywhere medications are dispensed, Cameron and Company, Inc.® has been there, filling the need for temporary help.