Ways to Find a Pharmacist Job Quickly ::

All job searches take time, but there are places you can go and steps you can take to find a position as a pharmacist as quickly as possible. Here are three strategies to consider. All job searches take time, but there are places you can go and steps you can take to find a position… Read more »

3 Tips for Improving Work-Life Balance ::

Healthy work-life balance is no easy task. People are putting in more hours than ever. As companies downsize, they expect those remaining to take up more duties. In fact, some people now believe that maintaining a work-life balance is pretty much impossible. As difficult as it might be, you need to at least try to… Read more »


Reimbursement from CMS to the EMPLOYERS, for the pharmacists time, to do CMR’s, Adherence Services, TIP’s, or any other MTM services, must be adequate enough to cover all of the EMPLOYERS OVERHEAD !      I am concerned that if this reimbursement does NOT cover all of the employers expenses, the EMPLOYERS may not participate in the… Read more »

3 Tips for Mid-Year Reviews Within Your Pharmacy Staff ::

If your retail or hospital pharmacy performs end-of-fiscal-year or mid-year staff reviews in June/July, you’re no doubt starting to prepare for them. We’ve put together three staff review tips you may want to consider following. Get started early so that you can collect data on your team members’ performance/improvements. At least one month before you… Read more »

3 Things Pharmacists Can Teach Patients About Prescription Drugs ::

Pharmacists can help educate their patients regarding their prescription medications. This patient safety instruction benefits patients greatly as they learn more about the medications they are taking, the dangers of sharing medication and how they can save money by using generic medications. Take a look below for more details. Pharmacists can talk about the medications… Read more »

3 Reasons to Consider a Temporary Pharmacy Technician ::

If you manage – or are in charge of hiring for – a hospital or retail pharmacy, have you ever considered using temporary pharmacists or pharm techs? If not, take a look below for three benefits of doing so. Is your team overworked and stressed? All pharmacies tend to be – or at least feel… Read more »


There is a looming problem, coming up in the profession?  How can it be alleviated?….. “IF” nothing changed between now and 2018, there could be a 25% oversupply of pharmacists in the marketplace? The only solution would be to create more jobs for pharmacists, OUTSIDE OF THE NORMAL DISPENSING FUNCTION, that most pharmacists are engaged … Read more »

How to Stay Healthy as a Travel Pharmacy Professional ::

With a little persistence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling to different pharmacy assignments isn’t that hard to do. To stay healthy, you need to watch your diet, make sure to exercise and get enough sleep. In addition, there are other things you can do to maintain your emotional and mental well-being. Diet Eating healthy… Read more »

Why You Need Summer Pharmacist Temps NOW! ::

Summer can present personnel problems for some healthcare organizations. It is traditionally a time when people take vacations. There may be more patients to see because people are getting out and are more active, leading to more accidents and other ailments. Children are home from school, presenting child care problems for some parents who are… Read more »

Did a Pharmacist Quit? Here’s How to Handle It ::

Has a pharmacist in your hospital or retail pharmacy quit recently? We don’t have to tell you how much extra this is going to cost you, your staff and your customers/patients: Extra work for your remaining staff as they handle the departed employee’s workload. Extra stress for your staff as they handle the departed employee’s… Read more »