Why You Need Summer Pharmacist Temps NOW! ::

Summer can present personnel problems for some healthcare organizations. It is traditionally a time when people take vacations. There may be more patients to see because people are getting out and are more active, leading to more accidents and other ailments. Children are home from school, presenting child care problems for some parents who are… Read more »

Did a Pharmacist Quit? Here’s How to Handle It ::

Has a pharmacist in your hospital or retail pharmacy quit recently? We don’t have to tell you how much extra this is going to cost you, your staff and your customers/patients: Extra work for your remaining staff as they handle the departed employee’s workload. Extra stress for your staff as they handle the departed employee’s… Read more »

3 Ways the Pharm Tech Position is Changing ::

This is isn’t your grandfather’s pharmacy technician career. Neither is it your father’s: The career has changed in many ways in the past 20 years – even the last five or 10. Take a look below for three ways we believe it’s changed significantly. Pharm Techs are moving up right alongside pharmacists. As pharmacists take… Read more »