Tips for Giving Feedback to Your Pharmacy Staff to Improve Their Performance ::

Managers often are reluctant to give employees feedback because workers often do not take criticism well, perceiving it as an attack on their competence. But if improvements are to be made, feedback is essential. Here are a few tips on how to do it effectively. Schedule regular individual meetings for feedback If you evaluate an… Read more »

Telepharmacy is Putting Pharmacists in the Cloud ::

Telepharmacy is the process whereby a pharmacist in one place delivers services electronically to people in another area. By expanding the range of the pharmacist, it can help to improve patient care. Advantages of Telepharmacy Telepharmacy offers many kinds of advantages. It can enable a pharmacist to devote more time to clinical work and immunizations…. Read more »

Pharmacy Care Plans Will Reduce COPD Hospital Readmissions ::

A recent study has attempted to look at the conditions that aggravate COPD symptoms, which lead to hospitalization or readmission to the hospital, and what pharmacists can do to help improve these conditions. COPD symptoms include difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing, and excreting excess mucus. Stages of COPD There are four stages to the disease. The… Read more »

Learn How Pharmacists Reacted to the Drug Price Transparency Rule ::

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has recently set out guidelines that require health insurance companies to reveal the prices of drugs and other cost-sharing information. Pharmacist Reaction Pharmacists praised the new rule. An American Pharmacists Association spokesman said they are hopeful that the new regulations will finally bring some much-needed transparency to… Read more »

The Importance of Pharmacists Preparing Themselves to Address COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns ::

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to make their way to the public, pharmacists will be playing a major role in administering them. Many people have questions about the vaccines, and pharmacists will need to be ready to address them. Safety and Effectiveness Most vaccines take about eight years to develop. Vaccines for COVID-19 have been developed… Read more »

Learn How Pharmacists Are Helping with Covid-19 Business Recovery ::

The pandemic has played havoc with the financial stability of many health systems. And pharmacists will have an important role in helping these facilities regain their fiscal balance.  Pharmacists will be instrumental in managing costs and increasing revenue.  Institutions are asking pharmacists to economize and stretch their resources to help provide a backstop to the losses caused by… Read more »

Pharmacy Trends in 2021 You Need to Know About ::

As with just about every other sector of the economy, technology will play a major role in the pharmaceutical industry during the upcoming year. The industry has been growing by leaps and bounds, and that is expected to continue. Total revenue for the pharmaceutical industry is projected to surpass one trillion dollars by 2023. Here… Read more »

What is the Future of Pharmacy in the Digital Age? ::

A recent conference in California focused on the ways digital health is being applied to pharmacy practice.  The conference highlighted the ways that digital health technologies are becoming more integrated because of the Covid-19 pandemic. These include such electronic health services as telehealth, remote patients’ monitoring, and diagnostics in the home.  Other digital health technologies… Read more »

Learn About the Importance of Preparing the Public for a General Covid-19 Vaccine ::

The Covid-19 vaccines distribution from Pfizer and Moderna is underway, and about one million people have been vaccinated. According to some healthcare experts, around 90 percent of the population will need to receive the vaccine to reach herd immunity.  Building Public Trust Whether that will be achieved or not will depend on building trust with the public… Read more »

Learn Why Pharmacists Believe Communication is Key During the Pandemic ::

Healthcare experts agree that coping with the pandemic requires effective communication among those working in hospitals and clinics.   How One Healthcare System Responded An example of this occurred in the initial stages of the pandemic when hydroxychloroquine demand soared. To ensure that the drug was administered properly and to maintain adequate supplies, one healthcare system formed a treatment task… Read more »