What Has COVID-19 Taught Us and How Do We Move Forward? ::

When the pandemic struck and hospital beds began to fill up, healthcare providers realized they were dealing with a full-blown crisis and had to adjust accordingly.   Novel situations demanded novel solutions, and hospitals responded. Through increased communication, innovation, flexibility, and division of labor, they created strategies and procedures for handling the heavy demands placed on them and for moving forward as the… Read more »

Learn How COVID-19 Affects Patients with Diabetes ::

Healthcare personnel discovered rather quickly during the pandemic that certain preexisting conditions increased the severity of COVID-19. One of those conditions is diabetes.  Those admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 and diabetes have a much higher mortality rate. They are more likely to end up on a ventilator and to spend a long time on… Read more »

Vaccines in the Works for 2020 ::

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, the subject of vaccinations has become the focus of just about everybody.   Vaccines have become the most effective method we have of fighting disease-causing microbes. Although it can take up to 10 years and hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a vaccine, they are still the most… Read more »

Learn About the Challenges of Covid-19 in the Classroom ::

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted everyday life for just about everyone, including educational institutions at every level. They are using a range of strategies to cope. Some are allowing students to return but with restrictions on their movements. Some are offering a hybrid learning experience, a combination of in-person and online learning. And some care… Read more »

Pharmacists are in a Position to Recommend Generic Substitutions ::

It’s no secret that drug prices in the United States today are steep and going up all the time. Pharmacists can help patients deal with these high costs by recommending generic substitutes, which will save patients money and increase adherence, improve results, and avoid complications and hospital visits. Prescriptions are now filled electronically, so the… Read more »

Patient Education is Crucial During These Challenging Times ::

Educating patients with chronic conditions about their medication therapy has always been important, but now with Covid-19 spreading, it has become essential. That is because research has shown that people with pre-existing conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, are at greater risk from Covid-19. The pharmacist’s role has always been significant… Read more »

Learn Best Practices for Safeguarding Your Pharmacy’s Online Presence ::

Much of the work done in pharmacies is now online. While this has done a lot to increase efficiency, it has also made pharmacies more vulnerable to hackers cyberattacks. Pharmacies now more than ever need to take security precautions to protect sensitive digital information. These precautions include giving pharmacy staff access only to information required… Read more »

Learn About Improvements Pharmacy Unions are Pushing For ::

Pharmacy unions are focusing on improving working conditions for pharmacists on several fronts, including the number of breaks pharmacists can take, safety measures when dealing with Covid-19, and workload issues. Legal Reforms Unions are pushing for reforms that include required breaks for pharmacists. The unions are working with state legislatures to update laws so that… Read more »

Learn How to Negotiate Perks as a Pharmacist ::

Asking for a raise, no matter what profession you are in, is always an anxiety-producing experience. But if you feel you deserve one, talk to your supervisor about it. Preparation is key. Being prepared will instill more confidence when you meet with your supervisor. Here are a few tips. Be Prepared Before talking to your… Read more »

Will There Be Drive-Up Flu Vaccinations This Fall? ::

As the pandemic erupted in the United States, many pharmacies began offering drive-through testing for Covid-19. With the flu season looming, many pharmacies are planning to use the same strategy to administer flu vaccinations to make them easier and safer for people to receive. Pharmacists say people will appreciate the effort to keep them safe… Read more »