How Pharmacists Can Recognize And Prevent Burnout ::

Burnout has been defined as a condition caused by stress that is not well managed. The condition is characterized by a lack of energy or exhaustion, the lack of motivation for work, or negative feelings about the job. Burnout can make a person dissatisfied with their job and less committed to it, as well as… Read more »

Important Pharmaceutical Industry Trends For 2022 ::

Advances in technology are expected to play an expanding role in the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy profession. Here are a few of the trends expected to dominate the industry in 2022. 7 Trends to Keep and Eye On in The Pharmaceutical Industry 1. Artificial Intelligence Researchers are making big gains in this area. Artificial intelligence… Read more »

Learn How To Improve Communication In Your Pharmacy ::

Communication skills are important for pharmacists because they converse with patients every day, counseling them about the drugs they are taking, how and when to take them, as well as any side effects the medication may have. Effective communication is essential for pharmacists. Here are Five Ways to Improve Communication. 1. Preconceptions Don’t assume people… Read more »

Four Tips To Help Boost Medication Adherence ::

Medication adherence has become a major issue for people who are taking prescription drugs. Many don’t take their medications as prescribed. It’s a very frustrating situation for healthcare professionals in attempting to treat these patients. Around the world, people with chronic conditions take their medication only half as often as they need to. There are… Read more »

Are You Working Your First Overnight Shift? Here Are Some Tips ::

Working your first time as a night pharmacist-on-call can be daunting. If you are not quite sure about the best way to handle it, here are a few tips to help. Set up your EMR settings If you do this the right way, it will save you a lot of time and effort. This is… Read more »

There Are Many Benefits Of Pharmacy Automation ::

Pharmacy automation has done a great deal to increase the efficiency and productivity of pharmacies. Technology such as tablet counters, compounding systems, and medication dispensers is growing rapidly within the industry. What’s more, it enables pharmacists to spend more time working with patients. Pharmacy automation is the use of technology to automate any routine but… Read more »

Tips For Prioritizing Diversity In Your Pharmacy ::

Diversity is crucial in today’s workplace. Having a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures produces a diversity of thought and ideas, which are essential for organizations to succeed in today’s economy. Moreover, diversity leads to happier workers and greater productivity. It all begins with hiring and retaining a diversified workforce. Here are some… Read more »

Importance of Continuing Education For Pharmacy Techs ::

Most people see pharmacy techs simply as an assistant to pharmacists. They indeed assist pharmacists, but there is more to the job. Pharmacy technicians need to have a basic knowledge and skill set as well. They need to have some basic training in pharmacology, pharmacy regulations, anatomy, and physiology. Pharmacy techs need to know how… Read more »

Learn How To Boost Morale With Your Pharmacy Team ::

Maintaining morale among pharmacy staff is essential to enhance efficiency and productivity. There are many ways to do this. But the bottom line is that pharmacy managers need to show that they value their staff. Here are a few ways that pharmacy managers work to boost the morale of their staff, with some specific examples…. Read more »

These 5 Tips Will Help You Make It Through A 12-Hour Pharmacy Shift ::

Being a pharmacist can be a demanding job, especially when the pharmacist is required to put in long hours. Here are a few tips on how to get through a long shift. Getting the right nutrition Just like a marathon runner gets ready for a big race by eating more carbohydrates, get ready for a… Read more »