Pharmacists are Feeling Overworked – Even Before COVID-19 ::

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, it is putting increasing pressures on the pharmacy profession. More than two-thirds of pharmacists responding to a survey in 2019 said their workload had increased, with some reporting a significant increase from the previous year. Since these results were tabulated before the COVID-19 outbreak, they do not even… Read more »

Is the Future of Pharmacy Working from Home? ::

As the role of pharmacists expands, their workplace may soon as well. In the past, most pharmacists could be found behind a pharmacy counter. But advancing technology and changes in the healthcare landscape may open up new opportunities for pharmacists to work remotely. Pharmacists are now taking on roles in healthcare compliance and regulation, clinical… Read more »

Learn How Pharmacists Can Protect Themselves and Their Staff from COVID-19 ::

Pharmacists and their staff have a lot of contact with the general public every day. And the interaction takes place indoors. Both of these factors show how important it is for pharmacy workers to take precautions against the coronavirus. Several cases have been reported where pharmacists or pharmacy staff have contracted the virus. To help… Read more »

Consider These Five Things Before Looking for a New Pharmacy Job ::

Before deciding on a job offer, there are several factors you should consider. For many, the decision hinges solely on the salary and benefits. Although these are among the most important considerations, others could make a real difference in determining whether you will be happy in the job or not and that you need to… Read more »

How to Effectively Manage Your Pharmacy Budget ::

The primary function of a pharmacy is to dispense medications and help patients in their use. But pharmacies are businesses as well, and to keep a pharmacy functioning smoothly, a pharmacy manager needs to know how to handle the financial end of things. Having a problem with cash flow is usually a symptom of some… Read more »

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Operating a pharmacy can get complicated. There are a lot of moving parts. Although pharmacy managers make every effort to ensure things run smoothly, issues can crop up for any number of reasons. If there are problems, they are likely to be in one or more of these four areas. Not storing vaccines or refrigerated… Read more »

Learn How Pharmacists Can Play an Important Role in Drug Repurposing ::

Drug repurposing, also known as drug repositioning, is the process of reworking a drug for use in treating a disease different from the one it was originally intended to address. It is the result of a pharmacological shift in emphasis from a one-target approach to a multi-target use. The advantage of this process is that… Read more »

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What is a personal brand? It is a way of identifying what makes you unique, the knowledge, skills, and abilities that make you different from everyone else, the value that you and only you can bring to an employer. Companies have brand names that immediately raise a certain image in the mind of the consumer…. Read more »

Pharmacy Techs Can Play an Important Role in Inventory Management ::

As every pharmacist knows, inventory management is crucial to the viability of the pharmacy. Traditionally, it has been a task undertaken by the pharmacist. But these days, when pharmacists are taking on a greater role in patient care, it can lead to a workload too heavy for one person to manage. That is why some… Read more »

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Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune disease that affects a person’s skin. It is a fairly common condition characterized by raised, red, scaly patches on the skin. The condition sometimes causes complications like arthritis, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular problems. Treatment There are four different ways the condition is treated – by topical applications, phototherapy, biologic drugs,… Read more »