Learn more about hiring temporary pharmacists and pharmacy technicians through
Cameron and Company, Inc.®

What is your corporate philosophy?

Our corporate philosophy at Cameron and Company, Inc.® is centered on providing the highest quality of service to our clients. Cameron and Company, Inc.® accepts requests for temporary relief in the best interest of patient care. We do not intend to permanently replace any Licensed Pharmacist or Certified Pharmacy Technician. Our focus is on providing you, our valued customer, with personnel relief in a temporary capacity, until the regular staff returns to the job.

What sources do you use to locate your candidates?

At Cameron and Company, Inc.® we recruit our applicants through a variety of means including: targeted promotions in trade journals, online job boards and specialty sites, our company website, pharmacy schools, direct mail, and even trade shows.

How do you evaluate each candidate’s skills?

We conduct a thorough in-person or face-to-face interview with each of our candidates. Our local management is staffed with professionals who carefully probe each candidate’s background and skill set in order to ensure proper fit with our client companies. Each pharmacist also takes a multiple competency tests.

Do you offer a complete insurance package to protect your clients?

Yes, we carry the most complete insurance available in order to protect our clients, far beyond what most of our competitors utilize. View a detailed list of our insurance coverage.

What other methods do you use to screen your candidates?

In the pharmacy profession, it is crucial to put each and every candidate through a rigorous screening process. Each of our employees is screened through the State Board of Pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Administration and E-Verify. We conduct former employer background checks, screen for I-9 compliance for I.N.S, OIG Exclusion List, National Sex Offender Registry, require that all employees pass a drug test, and run continuous employee evaluations to ensure you are getting the most reliable employees available.

Do you have local offices staffed with trained personnel?

At Cameron and Company, Inc.® we believe in personal face-to-face service. We have local management located across the U.S. Our trained staff is ready to assist you in emergency situations where filling positions with quality personnel in little time is essential. For a complete list of local management, please click here.