What are the benefits of working with Cameron and Company, Inc.®?

Cameron and Company, Inc.® is the oldest and most trusted provider of temporary pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the country. Among the many benefits that come with working with a proven leader in the industry are:

  1. Experience. We have been solving staffing problems specifically for the pharmacy industry since 1970.
  2. Regional Management. We have local management throughout the U.S. to provide you with personalized help.
  3. Security. We offer our clients peace of mind through our comprehensive insurance coverage.

Save time … and lower your expenses.

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Cameron and Company, Inc.® reduces the cost and hassle of hiring.

Here’s how we can help you save:

Hiring Expenses

Cameron and Company, Inc.® takes care of all advertising, recruiting, interviewing, screening, qualifying, credentialing and all other indirect and direct hiring costs.

Payroll Expenses

Payroll expense items can add as much as 53.6% to 56.8% additional cost to the hourly wage rate paid to your employees, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1987. Cameron and Company, Inc.® helps you reduce that cost.

Bookkeeping Expenses

Pharmacists from Cameron and Company, Inc.® are our employees, and as such, we take care of processing W-4 forms, quarterly reports (DE3B & 941), and annual reports (940).

Payroll Taxes

For a pharmacist earning $130,000 a year, Cameron and Company, Inc.® pays $9,232.00 in taxes, including F.I.C.A. (6.20% of $118,500.00 = $7,347.00 per employee, plus 1.45%, or $1,885.00, for Medicare).


Cameron and Company, Inc.® provides workers’ compensation insurance, federal unemployment insurance, state unemployment insurance, general liability, and bonding expenses.


Cameron and Company, Inc.® provides paid vacations, holidays, health insurance plans (for managers only), travel expenses, per diem expenses, and overtime costs (all employees, per client’s approval).

Liability Insurance

Cameron and Company, Inc.® carries the best, most complete insurance, far beyond most of our competitors.

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