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There Are Many Benefits Of Pharmacy Automation ::

Pharmacy automation has done a great deal to increase the efficiency and productivity of pharmacies. Technology such as tablet counters, compounding systems, and medication dispensers is growing rapidly within the industry. What’s more, it enables pharmacists to spend more time working with patients. Pharmacy automation is the use of technology to automate any routine but… Read more »

Importance of Continuing Education For Pharmacy Techs ::

Most people see pharmacy techs simply as an assistant to pharmacists. They indeed assist pharmacists, but there is more to the job. Pharmacy technicians need to have a basic knowledge and skill set as well. They need to have some basic training in pharmacology, pharmacy regulations, anatomy, and physiology. Pharmacy techs need to know how… Read more »

Learn How To Boost Morale With Your Pharmacy Team ::

Maintaining morale among pharmacy staff is essential to enhance efficiency and productivity. There are many ways to do this. But the bottom line is that pharmacy managers need to show that they value their staff. Here are a few ways that pharmacy managers work to boost the morale of their staff, with some specific examples…. Read more »

Learn How Pharmacists are Critical to Health and Wellness ::

When someone hears the word pharmacist, what comes to mind is a person who dispenses medications and explains how to take them properly. But today, pharmacists do a lot more. Their role as healthcare providers is continually expanding because of changes in healthcare and technology. They are critical to our health and wellness in ways… Read more »

These Tips Will Help You Assess Your Pharmacy’s Profitability ::

To be profitable, pharmacies need to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for their business. KPIs are the key indicators of your pharmacy’s progress toward your goals. They provide a starting point for improving your operations, give you data to analyze and use in your decision-making, and emphasize what is most important to you. It all… Read more »

Five Great Reasons to Become a Pharmacist ::

If you are looking for a great career, you can do no better than pharmacy. Why? To begin with, the salary is great. The average salary for a pharmacist in the United States is around $140,000 a year. And you are helping people with a fundamental necessity, caring for their health. Another reason is that… Read more »