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Do You Have a Customer Who Is Never Satisfied? Here’s What to Do. ::

If you are a retail pharmacist, sooner or later you will have to deal with a difficult customer. Customers can present problems in a variety of ways. For example, you may have to deal with someone who is angry, intimidating or demanding. Or a person may simply be impatient, unwilling to wait for anything. Or… Read more »

Advantages of Hiring Through a Pharmacy Recruitment Agency ::

When looking to fill a pharmacy position, many healthcare organizations take the traditional route of advertising for the job and using in-house resources to find applicants. But many places are increasingly turning to recruiting agencies to help fill pharmacy openings, and with good reason. There are many advantages to using a recruiting agency. Here are… Read more »

How Pharmacists Can Learn New Skills Without Changing Jobs ::

Pharmacists, like everyone else, want to advance in their career. They look for new challenges and responsibilities to maintain job satisfaction and keep their work meaningful and interesting. To develop in your career, you need to gain new skills and knowledge. However, this is often difficult if you are doing the same tasks every day… Read more »

8 Tips For Making Your Pharmacy Career Successful ::

If you are beginning your career as a pharmacist, you naturally want it to be a successful one. Here are a few tips from veteran pharmacists on how to do exactly that. Get insured. Make sure you obtain professional liability insurance for yourself – even if you are included in your employer’s group plan or… Read more »

Continuing Pharmaceutical Trends in 2017 ::

As with many areas of healthcare, the practice of pharmacy is advancing at a rapid pace. It’s no surprise that technology is driving much of the change and growth in the profession. Here are some of the trends in pharmacy for 2017. Initiatives to combat microbes that are resistant to antibiotics The Joint Commission and… Read more »

How to Manage a High-Pressure Situation When Working Per Diem ::

Although the amount may vary, every job has pressure. Sometimes things may go smoothly, but then there may be times when the stress meter is registering as high as it will go. To make it through these situations and maintain your performance, you need to know how to manage the pressure. Here are a few… Read more »

Important Skills Needed to be a Per Diem Pharmacist ::

If you are working as a pharmacist you need expertise about the kinds of drugs there are, how they work, what illnesses they treat, what the side effects are and how people should take them. But there are other skills pharmacists need as well; skills that are necessary to perform well in the job and… Read more »

The Benefits of Per Diem Work in Pharmacy ::

Per diem is the Latin term meaning “per day.” It is a term used to describe employees who are paid for each day they work, rather than receiving a guaranteed amount of money and being paid every week or two. These are employees who work day to day, and their term of employment is one… Read more »