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Learn How Pharmacists Can Play an Important Role in Drug Repurposing ::

Drug repurposing, also known as drug repositioning, is the process of reworking a drug for use in treating a disease different from the one it was originally intended to address. It is the result of a pharmacological shift in emphasis from a one-target approach to a multi-target use. The advantage of this process is that… Read more »

What Role Will AI Play in the Pharmaceutical Industry ::

Companies are applying artificial intelligence (AI) to several areas in pharmacy, including predicting treatment results, drug design, and data preprocessing. Several factors have helped with the development of AI in the pharmaceutical industry, among them an increasing variety of biomedical data available through the use of electronic health records. Here are a few of the… Read more »

What are Pharmacy Deserts and Why Are They a Problem? ::

The term pharmacy desert is derived from the term food desert. Just as a food desert is an area with little to no access to a supermarket or grocery store, a pharmacy desert is an area with little to no access to a pharmacy. Although more than 90 percent of Americans live within five miles… Read more »

Important Pharmacy Questions to Consider in 2020 ::

With advances in technology and scientific discovery, new laws and regulations, and economic changes, pharmacy is undergoing dramatic shifts along with the rest of the healthcare industry. To ensure that the pharmacy profession maintains its high standards of patient care, pharmacists and others involved in pharmacy need to continually ask incisive questions about the practice… Read more »

3 Tips for Running Your Chain Pharmacy More Efficiently ::

Dispensing medication efficiently has become more important than ever, not just in providing exceptional service to patients and in lowering costs, but also in meeting network quality ratings and healthcare reform goals. Here are some ways to make your pharmacy run more efficiently. Measurement There is a well known saying in the business world –… Read more »

Improve Customer Experience with These Five Tips ::

If you want your customers coming back, your pharmacy needs to deliver services that give people an exceptional healthcare experience. With the right technology and service-oriented culture, you can exceed customer expectations and maintain their loyalty. Here are some ways to do it. Pharmacy Apps Informing people about mobile apps can help patients stay on… Read more »

Tips for Preventing HIPAA Mistakes ::

Healthcare providers have been dealing with HIPAA guidelines for some time now, and most are familiar with the regulations. An important part of the law protects patients’ health information, whether it is in a computer system, on paper or even communicated orally. Under the law, the following information is protected; that is, it cannot be… Read more »

4 Ways to Improve Efficiency in Your Pharmacy ::

Every business is looking for places where it can increase efficiency and productivity. Pharmacies are no exception. There are always processes and procedures that can be improved. Increasing efficiency in your pharmacy begins with checking some benchmarks — the industry standards for pharmacies relating to performance and productivity. This will give you some idea where… Read more »

How to Determine if a Candidate is Reliable ::

Trying to gauge a person’s character solely from a job interview is not the easiest thing to do. But hiring managers have some resources at their disposal to help assess what kind of worker a job candidate will be. One of the most important character traits employers want is reliability. It is essential. Companies need… Read more »

The Benefits of Mentoring in Pharmacy ::

Mentoring has become more popular in the business world today. Mentoring describes a relationship between a senior member of a profession, someone usually in a leadership role, and someone who is relatively new to the profession. The experienced person offers guidance and advice to the junior person, helping them with their professional development and avoiding… Read more »