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Learn How To Improve Communication In Your Pharmacy ::

Communication skills are important for pharmacists because they converse with patients every day, counseling them about the drugs they are taking, how and when to take them, as well as any side effects the medication may have. Effective communication is essential for pharmacists. Here are Five Ways to Improve Communication. 1. Preconceptions Don’t assume people… Read more »

Four Tips To Help Boost Medication Adherence ::

Medication adherence has become a major issue for people who are taking prescription drugs. Many don’t take their medications as prescribed. It’s a very frustrating situation for healthcare professionals in attempting to treat these patients. Around the world, people with chronic conditions take their medication only half as often as they need to. There are… Read more »

How to Find Your First Pharmacy Position ::

Looking for your first job? Not sure where to start? There are several different places where you can begin your job search, and you want to make use of all of them to give yourself the best chance of landing a job. Here are a few resources where you can get started. Healthcare staffing agencies… Read more »