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How to Determine the ROI of a New Employee ::

In the current business climate, pharmacy recruiters who are trying to make the case for investing in new hires need to show organizations what kind of return they are going to get for their investment. Here are ways to show that the ROI will be a positive one. Have a Method Establish a set of… Read more »

Pharmacy Conferences You Should Attend in 2018 ::

Why attend a pharmacy conference? There are many good reasons. One is simply to stay up to date on the developments in pharmacy practice. Another is to earn continuing education credits. Moreover, conferences are a great place to meet others in your profession, to exchange thoughts and ideas, to see things from different perspectives, to… Read more »

Important Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmacy in 2018 You Should Know About ::

Pharmacy is changing rapidly as a result of advances in technology and changes in the economy. Here are a few of the major issues that will continue to confront the industry in 2018. Use of DIR fees Direct and indirect remuneration fees will continue to plague pharmacies this year. There are several factors that make… Read more »

Work History Resume Writing Tips ::

Because of the uptick in the number of pharmacy graduates on the job market, landing that first-choice pharmacy job is a little more challenging than in the past. That is why it is important to make sure your resume and cover letter are in top shape. These are your advertisements, your initial pitch to an… Read more »