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Learn How To Improve Communication In Your Pharmacy ::

Communication skills are important for pharmacists because they converse with patients every day, counseling them about the drugs they are taking, how and when to take them, as well as any side effects the medication may have. Effective communication is essential for pharmacists. Here are Five Ways to Improve Communication. 1. Preconceptions Don’t assume people… Read more »

Four Tips To Help Boost Medication Adherence ::

Medication adherence has become a major issue for people who are taking prescription drugs. Many don’t take their medications as prescribed. It’s a very frustrating situation for healthcare professionals in attempting to treat these patients. Around the world, people with chronic conditions take their medication only half as often as they need to. There are… Read more »

The Questions Are Key ::

It is by now conventional wisdom that job candidates need to ask questions at the job interview. Not doing so may make the hiring manager wonder if the applicant is truly interested in the job. Asking questions is also a way to gain valuable information about the job and the healthcare organization. Moreover, you can… Read more »

Managing Pharmaceutical Employees of Different Generations ::

Naturally, people of different ages have different outlooks on life, different values, attitudes and desires. This can create a challenge in the workplace when you have people of different generations working side by side. For example, today’s younger generation of workers, commonly known as millennials, look at work differently from their older counterparts and want… Read more »

When is the Proper Time to Ask for a Raise? ::

Do you feel you deserve a raise? You may if you have been with your healthcare organization for a while. But that alone is not the best reason to ask for a raise. The amount of time you have spent with an organization doesn’t matter nearly as much as the contributions you have made. That… Read more »

Why You Should Encourage Professional Development Among Employees ::

Professional development is something that many organizations talk about, but they really don’t make a big commitment to it. Employers often see it as more of a luxury than a necessity, something to do when there is time, and there never seems to be enough time. Other things always seem to take priority. But professional… Read more »

Maybe You Shouldn’t – How to Know a Pharmaceutical Job Offer Isn’t for You ::

When you are interviewing with a healthcare organization, the interviewers are naturally evaluating you. But you should be evaluating them and the organization as well, to determine if the opportunity would be a good fit for you. You should be looking for red flags, telltale signs that all is not right at the place, and… Read more »

Make Sure to Take Care of Employees with a Wellness Program ::

Many healthcare organizations these days are establishing wellness programs for their employees. They realize that healthy employees mean better productivity and a healthier bottom line. If your organization is considering starting a wellness program, here are a few steps to take. Survey. The first thing you should do is set up a committee to oversee… Read more »

How to Fit in When You Are the New Employee ::

Starting a new job is both exciting and stressful. Everything is new, and there is a lot to learn. There are also many new people to get to know. These are people you will be working with on a daily basis, so you certainly want to get along with them. Here are a few tips… Read more »

Minimizing Sickness in the Workplace ::

Getting sick can be a major inconvenience. In addition to the misery that goes along with illness, you also miss work, which can cause you to fall behind. Each year, between 5 and 20 percent of Americans come down with the flu, which is very expensive for businesses. People who get sick cost companies $3… Read more »