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How To Get Out Of The Pharmacist Job Search Cycle ::

How To Get Out Of The Pharmacist Job Search Cycle As a pharmacist, you may be in a job that you just don’t like. It could be that you don’t get along with your supervisor or the workload is just way too heavy or some other problem. You resolve to begin your job search to… Read more »

As a Pharmacist, Here’s How to Support a Customer with a New Diagnosis ::

When a person is diagnosed with a new condition, they might feel uncertain and overwhelmed by what they need to do. They may feel unsure about how they need to manage it. In cases like this, the pharmacist can be a big help in reassuring the patient and giving them the information they need to… Read more »

What Does a Pharmacist Need to Know About Surgery? ::

Many pharmacists have little direct contact with surgeons or surgical procedures because their area of practice lies outside this sphere of medicine. However, some patients require certain types of medication therapy after surgery, and pharmacists can assist them with their post-surgery treatment. For example, patients will often be given pain medications after a surgical procedure…. Read more »

How Can You Make Sure Your New Pharmacist Position Is Right For You? ::

Recent surveys have shown that 70 percent of pharmacists are dissatisfied with their jobs. This figure raises questions about the amount of planning that pharmacy students or recent graduates undertake before making a decision about their career. Maybe they believed they had adequate information about the jobs before applying. Or because of the tight job… Read more »

Every Pharmacist Should Have These Apps on Their Phone ::

It’s nice to have the information you need at your fingertips, available with the touch of a screen. With the many different healthcare apps now on the market, pharmacists can have instant access to just about anything they need to know. Here are a few of the best such apps. Skyscape This company manufactures several… Read more »

Expectations Versus Reality: The Journey Of A Pharmacist ::

While in pharmacy school, you may have a vision of the kind of profession you are entering, one that is more idealistic, focusing on the healing aspect. But, like all professions, there is good and bad, and out in the working world, the reality is a little different. Here are a few of the differences,… Read more »

Should You Leave Your Local Pharmacy for Telehealth? ::

Technology has improved our lives in many different ways, and healthcare is no exception. Today, patients can order their drugs online, which offers a number of advantages to the traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy. But online pharmacies are not without drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of online pharmacies. Advantages Price A big advantage… Read more »

How To Choose Your Pharmacy Work Setting ::

The majority of pharmacists work in the retail sector. But, as a pharmacist plotting your career path, you may want to explore other options, and with the advances in medicine and information technology, there are a number of different career paths open to pharmacists. Another popular work setting among pharmacists is hospital pharmacy, and this… Read more »

Why Your Pharmacy Should be Using Social Media ::

About 240 million Americans use social media, roughly 75 percent of the total population. That statistic alone should provide enough of a reason for your pharmacy to have a presence on social media. More people than ever are using social media to keep in touch with the world around them and to learn what is… Read more »

Essential Soft Skills for Pharmacists to Have ::

The skills that pharmacists acquire in their training are called hard skills. These kinds of skills are more technical in nature. They rely on a stable, objective body of knowledge. They can be clearly defined and measured. In contrast to the hard skills, however, there are other traits that are classified as soft skills. These… Read more »